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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Dream Come True !!!

The first week in October, Ivan and his cousin Chad went all the way to Casper, Wyoming on a guided Mule Deer hunt.  Ivan began planning for this trip in the Fall of 2009.....you have to book pretty far in advance to get to go hunting where you want to.  I think when you take time to see the pics you will know it was worth every minute he put into getting ready to go !  Enjoy :)

Lotsa paperwork was involved... 

Flying over some of the states....the irrigation system used here is really neat.
Beautiful scenery from the air !
The day they arrived in Wyoming they mainly spent time meeting up with the guide, making sure their rifles were sighted in and just getting settled in for the week.   Of course a little target practice was necessary.......out on the prairie you can make some nice long shots. 

A prairie road...

Life out there is very different from what we're used to here at home.....they were able to leave their gun cases at the hotel and carry their guns on their shoulders in and out of the hotel and around town.  Can't think of many places where the people are that relaxed !

The sky seems to be the limit !

Wyoming sunset !

 These boys had planned on camping on the prairie and hunting.   Well, turned out there was a burning ban on and conditions were too risky for a campfire.   This meant they would have to go to a hotel.   NOT what they had planned but if you know Ivan and Chad, you know they don't let a little change of plans stand in their way.....  The first day they hunted they saw lots of nice bucks but not quite what they were looking for......On the second day of the hunt it didn't take long at all !!!
Ivan with a big 5x5 !
Chad with a big 5x3 !
Two happy fellers !!!

The next day Ivan went flying with the guide in his bush plane.

On the morning they were to fly back home, this was the view from their hotel window....
Snow covered mountains...

 I know you boys had a real good time but it sure is good for you to be back home.  Congratulations on your successful hunt !

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  1. I just now realized you have a blog - I'm loving it! And I absolutely love these pictures! It makes me want to go hunting out there, haha!