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Thursday, January 19, 2012


"More and more I realize that everybody, regardless of age, needs to be hugged and comforted in a brotherly or sisterly way now and then.  Preferably NOW."   - Jane Howard

I love this little quote....it seems to have so much meaning to me, especially lately.  So here's hoping all of you blog readers are having a wonderful week so far.....with plenty of (hugs) of course!  AND you are more than welcome to leave me a (hug) in the comments section :)    Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Someone told me once (referring to my teenage son) that if I wasn't hugging him someone else would be. I started hugging him daily after that :-)

    Here's a {hug} for you~


    1. Thank you Cinnamon~~~ I'm gonna start hugging my teens more, too:)

  2. Such a sweet pictue..{{ hugs)) love you!!