Just enjoying the little things in life ....

Monday, May 7, 2012

These Days I am:

  • lovin' the warm sunny weather.
  • so happy to have our garden planted.
  • eating lots of fresh salad.
  • lovin' how our new honeybees and baby chicks have adapted to the farm.
  • wishin' it would rain on our garden.
  • enjoying the (oh-so-short-lived) days of havin' all six of our children still at home.
  • tryin' to adjust to the fact that one of my children will soon leave the nest.
  • lovin' the way it feels to wind up our school year.
  • slowly shifting into my favorite season of the year. (Summer)
  • so thankful for my hardworkin' man who so faithfully continues to take care of us.
  • missin' a very dear "Aunt" who left us this Spring.
  • thrivin' on lots of nieces, nephews and friends who are willing to hang out with us.
  • enjoyin' plenty of "Bluegrass" music :).

What's going on in your world today?  Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed week!!!


  1. I love your "Thankful" list. It's the small things that make up our life :) What beautiful photography, too. Love the closeup of the honeybee. Also especially love the picture of the little ones peeking through the banisters :)

  2. Marie, I just love your blog! All the aspects of living on yall's farm that you post about make me want to raise our family the exact same way that you and Johnny do..its such as inspiration! :)