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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little photo fun....
My efforts to schedule a family shoot with a pro turned out to be all in vain......yes, the stomach bug moved in on us the night before the session.  When you are trying to get pics before Christmas and you have like a week left you know things need to come together, somehow.  We decided to see what we could come up with on our own....Ivan brought his tripod and he and I took turns setting the camera timer and jumping in.....Here we go....hope you enjoy :)

a few behind the scenes....this wasn't what some of us had planned for a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

Now for a few of my favorites :)


We had a lot of fun.....despite the fact that we didn't know much about what we were doing.....these are strictly point and shoot but I am happy!!!   Have a great rest of the week.....thank you for visiting!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures - - beautiful family!

  2. These are great! The best part is ya'll had fun :) Sorry the virus got ya'll...

  3. You have a handsome (and very FUN) looking family there Friend!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Love them! Isn't if fun to take pictures. I always enjoy the shots that weren't meant to be captured at all but show someone having fun or a silly face or even a special moment.

    Your header is beautiful!