Just enjoying the little things in life ....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 ~ Today ~

 I am.....

  • wondering how the year has flown by so quickly
  • enjoying the Christmas season
  • loving all the gift making (in every corner) that's going on
  • soaking up every minute of watching my children do for others
  • practicing music every chance I get
  • slowing down and trying to take it all in
  • remembering that our school days before Christmas are numbered :)
  • realizing that I can't really take it all in.....just enjoy the moment
  • thankful for all of my family and friends
  • slowly (very slowly) adjusting to Ivan not living here
  • hearing Christmas carols streaming from the piano
  • feeling very blessed
What's going on in your world today?   Hope you all have a wonderful week.....thank you for visiting!!!


  1. What a great time to take stock and just enjoy! Love all the music flowing in your home. I have yet to dig out my Christmas Cd's but have been tuning into some on the radio or my computer.

    Merry Christmas!