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Monday, January 28, 2013

A little bit of what we're up to these days.....

I feel like such a slacker ...... my blog is way behind but not because there's nothing to tell.....haha!  Never a dull moment around here....trust me :)  I have had so much fun learning to use my camera and then our computer had to go and get sick!  Hopefully for now we are up and running again......wanted to share a little bit of our latest adventure with y'all.  We are actually adding onto the house.....Yes, you heard me right!!!....isn't that exciting?  It will be SOOO worth every bit of hard work and all the red mud that it involves:)   I am thrilled beyond words!!! Hope you enjoy the pics :)

Have a great rest of the week :)


  1. Tried to comment the other day, looks like it's gonna let me today! That IS exciting news! We are starting to consider finishing part of our basement, and I cannot stop dreaming up idea's! :)

  2. Oh wow Marie - I'm so glad for you! Your kids will enjoy helping on the project (and learn so much) and you will appreciate the extra space greatly I'm sure!