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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Love this humor.....

If you are a homeschool mom you will totally get it :)    Copied from a friend ....

10 Things to NOT Ask the Homeschool Mom


Some lighthearted humor to start the day.
1. What happened to the house today? Even if there are scraps of craft paper on the floor and stuck to the table and there’s toast from breakfast still sitting in the toaster and a huge pile of legos sitting there right in the middle of the living room, just let it go. Find something creative to say about the clutter. Like this —  it looks like you guys exercised your creativity today!
2. Seriously? Macaroni and cheese for dinner again? Some days, macaroni and cheese is an excellent and needed option for dinner. And just so you know, they have gluten free mac and cheese options as well. Sometimes mac and cheese is the save the sanity go-to dinner option.
3. What did you get done today?  Even if there is a stack of papers on the table, a mess everywhere, and only 14 math problems got completed – they still worked. So best to tuck the what did you get done away and simply ask how the day went and listen to all the amazing things that were accomplished.
4. Do I have clean underwear anywhere?  Don’t even touch the laundry subject. Simply step away, walk down to the dryer or the 5 full clothes baskets, and begin digging.
5. Could so and so drop by in 10 minutes?  Always, and I repeat, always, give warning. I prefer to have a good six hour warning before someone comes over. Then, at our home, we commence operation clean up.
6. Did you wear that shirt yesterday? Shirts can be worn more than once. That’s okay. In fact, simply grab a cardigan, throw it over and call it a day. Add a side pony tail and spice up the look.
7. You owe the library what??  Library fines are simply par for the course. Honestly, just begin to budget in library fines and call it all in the honor of learning. I figure we’ve already purchased the “L” and “I” in the library sign outside of our library.
8. In all your spare time could you organize this large event?  Ha. Spare time. Never, ever, and I repeat ever, tell a homeschool mom {or any mom in that instance} that she has a bunch of spare time.
9. Oh, you let the kids watch television?  Seriously, moms, some media is okay. There are moments in our lives where it is simply okay to turn on Kipper the Dog so that we can make something besides the above mentioned macaroni and cheese for dinner. Let it go. Some media is okay. Media all day? Even though you could slap the educational tag on it? That’s not okay.
10. How do you do it?  I know this is meant kindly and out of curiosity, but often this gets me {and the other homeschool mom} wondering how in the world they actually made it through the day. Instead, a simpler and sweeter way might be this: you amaze me, you homeschool mom who gets up at the crack of dawn and survives on coffee and who still smiles at the end of the day and can sing the grammar song with the best of them and who goes to bed content. Try those sweet words instead.
In the spirit of fun, what are some things that you can think of to not tell to a homeschool mom? And, grin, homeschool moms, I think you’re pretty amazing.

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