Just enjoying the little things in life ....

Friday, June 21, 2013

~ Right now ~

I am.......
  • savoring every minute of this first day of summer :))
  • picking blackberries every chance I get....we have tons this year :)
  • wondering how it got to be summer so soon....
  • enjoying my walk in the evenings  with Kimberly :)
  • hoping our garden produces well this year..... love me some corn on the cob !!!
  • thankful Ivan is working with his Dad again.....this means I get to see more of him :)
  • helping Kimberly work through her biology course....such fun....NOT!
  • still cleaning up debris from last week's storm
  • thankful we didn't have much storm damage....just a couple days without power :)
  • noticing how green everything is from all the rain.
  • loving the hummingbirds at my feeders and the flowers blooming everywhere  :)
  • wondering how we got along without the new room on the house :)
  • placing next year's school book order.....how can that be ?
  • marveling at God's hands working in so many areas of my life :)
  • feeling so blessed to be able to stay home with my children every day !!!
  • realizing what a lucky girl I am :)
  • still dreaming of becoming a nurse one of these days :)
  • pickin' the guitar every chance I get :)
  • so thankful for good friends and family :)
What are you up to these days ?  Would love to hear from you :)


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    1. Thank you Lesley, for being such a great inspiration!!!