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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sundays.....I just love them :)

Some of my favorite reasons for this are...
  • no real schedule except to be on time for church , of course :)
  • everybody is home together with a few extras mixed in
  • quite often Ivan is here
  • having all my children around the breakfast table together :))
  • cooking Sunday dinner......gets me going early
  • the children sleep a little later
  • early quiet time for me
  • Johnny takes Keith to the fire station with him to check all the trucks
  • eating a late breakfast
  • lots of helping hands getting the house tidied up.....this happens to be my idea....not theirs  :)
  • it just seems everything moves at a slower pace....and I love it!!!
  • relaxed Sunday afternoons makes time for fishing, visiting friends and relatives :))
What do you love about Sundays ?  Hope you have a great rest of the weekend with your loved ones :)

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