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Saturday, July 13, 2013

~Good 'Ol Summertime !!!~

It seems like summer is just flying by.....I don't know why but whenever July 4th comes and goes it feels like summer is so short !!!  Anyway, we are going right ahead and enjoying every minute of it :)  It has been so wet....like rain everyday for a while now. Everything is so lush and green. This means less time mowing and working out the garden and more time playing board games, sewing, music practice, building with Lego and the list just goes on and on.  Once in a while when the rain slows up, we jump in the pool :) Well, you get the picture.....lots of togetherness:))  We have been spending time with cousins and grandparents, too!!! Here's a few pics snapped here on the farm recently :)
Butterflies are a fav of mine :)


Can you tell I have a thing for clouds and baby calves ? :))

Our guard dog....haha!!

Some random children found on the front porch :)

The beans are thriving on the rain :)

Abbey and Papaw David :)


Thank you for stopping by!  What are you up to on these rainy days ?

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  1. Beautiful photos! I just love those calves... so cute!

    I just harvested my first crop of green beans. So delightful!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.