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Monday, July 22, 2013

Our weekend.....

It seemed to go by in a blur.....ever get that feeling?  Can't wait for Friday and all of a sudden it's Monday morning.  Oh, well....life goes on :)  Our weekend was busy as usual....we went out for supper on Friday night and of course we toured Bass Pro Shop....I mean if you're within 1/2 hour of the place you don't turn down the chance to stop in...haha!  On Saturday, we did some gardening, repaired fences, tore down other fences, bought groceries and of course made time to go swimming :) Sunday was fairly slow.... ( I like it that way)....went to church and spent a quiet afternoon at home.  Some of the men and boys hit the lake for a while.....the girls stayed home and played a little music and just relaxed :)  A serious thunderstorm came through late in the evening but luckily no damage.....just lots of wind and rain!!! 

How was your weekend ?  Happy Monday to ya!!!

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