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Thursday, August 22, 2013

~ Great Advice as we head back to School !!! ~ (shared from a friend)

Dear Kids…My New School Year Commitment to You

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It came to me, on the eve of this new school year, after sitting as our party of 5 last night and asking for fresh commitments from our kids about grades and character and yes, even daily deodorant wearing.
How often, as parents, we ask and require but do not also always require of ourselves.
And how important it is that this year, I make some fresh commitments, too.
So though I am on the heels of the first school day rush, with 2 failed attempts at hair styling…the last minute mad dash to find the lone school supply we have forgotten…and the obligatory first day of school picture that managed to annoy 2 of my 3…I sit down to make some commitments to my kids who may never read this blog but will surely watch my life.
[May you, the reader who is also a parent with a school aged child, find yourself in some of these commitments, too.]
I will understand your need for sleep and not try to be your friend by letting you stay up too late for your brain to function at its best the next day, even when you beg me.
I will appreciate your need for me to not be in work mode in the evenings when we are both home, which is far less about working and more about being present in your presence.
I will not protest openly about making you lunches, even though it is not my favorite part of the year, because it means you are here, mine, and growing.
I will study you this year like I ask you to study things, making your needs and struggles and dreams my mission to know, too.
I will not close my eyes to your interaction on social media and claim ignorance or lack of time because I know you need me to stay involved and aware as a parent to help you not walk into a mess that winds up holding you captive for much of your life.
I will continue to hold you to a standard of clean language, respect for people, support for your school..without a single care as to what everyone else is doing because I know that small character things now produce big character plays in your future.
I will be aware [for you, my girl] that when you post lots of selfies you may need me to hug you extra hard and remind you, you are beautiful but also, appreciate how it is a fun girl thing that mostly goes bad when it consumes or becomes the litmus test of worth, and that can sneak up on us.
I will seek to be a prayerful balance of encourager and enforcer, with an emphasis on the prayer part.
I will hold the Kleenex when someone says something that hurts you [and they will] and together we will cry our eyes out about how that feels then wake up the next morning with head held high and Jesus as our advocate to take to school with us.
I will fight for you, always, but not because I’m making it about me.
I will believe the best about you, which doesn’t mean I will allow manipulation or withhold tough love.  It just means I will love you deeply while being discerning.
I will keep the title of parent sacred and not forget it is the sweetest, highest honor and requires I grow, too, right along with you.
I will love God most.  Trust me, you want me to.
 And when we end this school year, Lord willing, with you having grown both in size and in knowledge, I will be here, as your mom.
And with His help, I will have grown some, too.


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