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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

~ Inspiration ~

Hope you're having a great week....it's rainy and cold here but it is definitely feeling like December!!!  The children are so ready for Christmas....counting down the days.....baking cookies....wrapping gifts.....they make this such an enjoyable season of the year :))  My little people ( and the bigger people ) are such an inspiration to me each and every day.....whenever Christmastime rolls around I am reminded that yet another year has gone by.....I want them to know that the little things in life really do matter the most.... and to remember the time we spent together as they were growing up......and for them to understand that they truly can make a difference in the world  :))
Hope you're enjoying your week!!!

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  1. So true. Seeing Christmas through a child's eye is the best!

    Merry Christmas sweet Mama!