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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~Well, Hello Summer!!! ~

Love me some summertime!!!  Hard to believe it's here already and I intend to enjoy every minute to the fullest....haha!  We will see how that works out, right ??? A few summer highlights for me are:

  • longer days
  • no school schedule
  • staying up late
  • getting up later than we should
  • fresh veggies
  • bluegrass concerts outdoors
  • jammin' with friends
  • 4th of July parades
  • cooking outdoors a whole lot more
  • the kids get to go fishing
  • celebrating several birthdays
  • flowers blooming everywhere
  • lots and lots of butterflies...(my favorite insect)
  • swimming a whole lot!!!
  • stacks of library books....yes, the learning continues.....the kids just don't know it...haha!
  • friends sleeping over
  • motors being rebuilt all over the yard.....yeah, that's Jeffrey's latest thing
  • my oldest out mowing pastures......it's looking much better...
  • picking blackberries
  • an occasional day trip with the family
  • all the hay being baled around here
  • gorgeous fields of corn all around
just to name a few.....what are your favorite things about summer?   Thank you for stopping by!!!

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