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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

~ Oak Island ~

Oak Island, NC.....Have you ever been there?   It was a first for me and I am totally in love!!!  I love the feeling of freedom I get from being on the beach anyway,  just having my toes in the sand, and the breeze...Ahhhh!!!  It had been 5 years since we had been to the beach and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute!  We cooked very little, walked the beach a lot , found lots of seashells, enjoyed watching the fishing boats , fished a little ourselves and most of the time we didn't really do anything :)  The down time was much needed and you cant beat relaxation in the sand and sun!!!
We celebrated Kimberly's 17th birthday while we were there and took a little ride to Wilmington to see the USS North Carolina.  I had been there as a child and wanted our children to see it.   I will leave you with a few pics :)  Hope you enjoy!

Thank you for visiting out little space here on the web :)  Have a great week!

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