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Friday, November 20, 2015

~ Congratulations to Ivan and April!!!~

A beautiful little wedding was held on November 14th.  The ceremony was just beautiful  and sweet followed by a simple but beautiful reception. Thank you all for lending us a hand in preparation and most of all a big "thank you " for coming out to help us celebrate!!! Welcome to the family, April!!!  Congratulations and best wishes as you begin your life together :)
A few wedding pics.....hope you enjoy!


  1. How exciting. Looks like your marrying everyone off...haha! Isn't it wonderful to add a new addition to the family. We adore our new dtr in love and all that she adds to our family. Congratulations!!!


  2. Hi Marie! Congratulations to your family as well. Thank you for the comment on Levi&Echo's wedding pictures; sadly, I accidentally deleted it so they won't get to see it (unless you want to re-post?). God's blessings to you and your family as you enjoy additions to your family. I agree with Cinnamon - it's a wonderful thing!