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Sunday, February 7, 2016

~ Hello!!! ~

Just a quick "Hello" from all of us here at "Down on the Farm" :))  We haven't had a whole lot to post here lately, but that doesn't mean we haven't had anything going on!  Haha.... I have been studying every spare minute I can find to get my general classes out of the way for an RN program!!!  ( isn't that exciting? )  Been doing a few alterations, celebrated a couple of birthdays over the weekend ( yes, I failed to make pictures ), and my sister has been very sick but praise God, she is on the mend!!!  We have had the privilege of loving her youngest 2 little people while she has been in the hospital :)  Told you we had plenty going on :))  Here's a couple of pics from last week.  Thank you for stopping by!  Leave us a "Hello" in the comments if you like.  We love visitors!!!

Miss Kiley

Sunday evening sunset over the farm

Friday, January 29, 2016

~ Happy weekending!!! ~

Is it me, or does time just seem to fly by? The days seem to turn into weeks, months, and years so quickly!!!  Must mean I am having fun, right?  For the most part I am :)  Always busy doing something, but it's a good kind of busy.  Just part of being a "Mama"! Hope you have yourself a wonderful and relaxing weekend wherever you may be !!!  Enjoy a few snippets of our week that just went by :)

Thank you for stopping by !  Come back soon!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

~ Happy Weekending!!! ~

Hope wherever you are in this big ol' world, you have a wonderful weekend!!!  Kimberly and I had the opportunity to do a little pickin' and singin' last Sunday night.  Thought you might enjoy a pic or two :)

Thank you for stopping by!  Come back soon :))

Saturday, January 9, 2016

~Happy New Year!!!~

Hope you all are enjoying 2016 so far. We have had quite a bit going on around here. So much so that I haven't had a chance to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!  2015 was an exciting year for us.  We celebrated lots of birthdays. Two of our sons got engaged and one of them was married! Heres a little recap from 2015.  Wishing you the best this year :)

Friday, December 11, 2015

A few more wedding pics :)

Wanted to share a few more wedding pics with you! Mary Barbee  at www.marybarbeephotography.com outdid herself on these! Such talent she has:) Welcome to the family April!

Thank you for stopping by :)