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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

~ November Birthdays! ~

Around here we celebrate 2 birthdays in November.  Jacob, our youngest, has a birthday on Nov. 4th, and our sweet daughter-in-law, April has one on Nov. 6th.  We combined their parties this year complete with Unionville BBQ from our Annual school fundraiser!!! It is held the first Friday in November....how convenient.  I didn't even have to cook :) We are a very small town but our BBQ is huge. It was delicious as always! Jacob just happened to born on BBQ day so he's our BBQ baby :)
It's always such a wonderful feeling to have all the children around the table for supper!!!

God has been showing up in a big way lately!!! Beautiful clouds!

A little traffic waiting for the bbq.
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Monday, October 31, 2016

~ Enjoying Fall 2016 ! ~

We have had a busy but fun October. The weather is extremely dry but very sunny, warm and beautiful. Last week some cousins, my sister and I took our younger children to the pumpkin patch. There's just nothing like roaming over the farm and then taking a wagon ride to the field and choosing the perfect pumpkin. You can tell we like to bake with pumpkin, half of the ones we brought home were for cooking!
October has brought plenty of opportunities along for picking and grinning with friends. My weekly band practice is continuing and I was invited to play with some friends this weekend for a fall festival.  God sure knows who to place in our lives at just the right time, and I am so thankful for my music family.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

~ Happy Birthday Daddy!!! ~

Last Friday, October 21st, my daddy turned 71 years old.  I am so blessed to still have both of my parents, and they are in relatively good health. Daddy is just getting over giving us a good scare with his heart, and Mama recently had a complete knee replacement but they are both up and going strong again. We celebrated Daddy's birthday this past Sunday! There's a whole bunch of us when we get together, and as the saying goes "the more the merrier"!!!  Happy Birthday Daddy!!! We love you!

This is just part of us :) Yes, I am so blessed!!!
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

~ Happy Weekending!!! ~

It is a beautiful weekend here in North Carolina!!!  The sun is shining beautifully, the temperatures are just perfect, and the trees are showing a little color! What more could a girl ask for?  I am so blessed! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Celebrating one of our October birthdays!
Charles and Kimberly
Pageant dress is complete! Miss Riley (in red) placed 2nd!!!
Newset set of braces in the family!
50th annual Granite Quarry Fiddler's Convention!  All the fiddlers were on stage together!
Birthday cake under construction :)
Always good company to be found at a fiddler's convention!!!
Yes, we homeschool!!!  His latest creation!!! Can you guess what it is? 

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

~ October ~

Well, we finally made it to October....one of my very favorite months.  Besides the fact that we usually have cooler temps and brighter days in October, it happens to be my the birthday month for my daddy, my oldest daughter, and one of my sweet daughter-in-laws.  I always look forward to the weather cooling down and spending more time doing slower paced activities....board games with the kids, playing music, crocheting and knitting, sipping hot chocolate while curled up by the fire....just to name a few of my favorites :)   One thing that we have never done is to take the time to go apple picking in the mountains as a family.  We plan to make that happen this year :) What's your favorite FALL activity? Enjoy the cooler weather this weekend as you spend time with your family!!!

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Friday, September 23, 2016

~ Happy weekending!!! ~

Hope your weekend is everything you dream of and more.  Hope it's relaxing and enjoyable. Make time to get out and do something you love :)  Here's a little glimpse of life around here lately :)

Yes, I have an obsession with clouds!!!

Custom pageant dress in the works

Saturday night shenanigans with my girls :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Counting my Blessings....

This is something I try to make time for every single day. I strive to remember that every day is a gift, that's why it's called the present....right?  But I am human, and tend to overlook the positive things right in front of me and see more of the negative....I always end up with more on my calendar than can possibly be accomplished and feel like I'm forever running here and there....I guess we are all that way to a degree.  No matter what comes along or doesn't come along for that matter, I am so blessed, in so many, many ways and I never want to forget that. A few of my many blessings are:

  • A God above who loves me no matter what
  • My hardworking husband
  • Six beautiful children
  • Two wonderful daughters-in-law
  • Both my parents are still with us
  • Two wonderful brothers and families
  • One sister and her lovely family just a mile away
  • Lots of nieces and nephews
  • Wonderful in-laws
  • A great place to live
  • Plenty to eat
  • Plenty to wear
  • The privilege of homeschooling my children
  • The opportunity to go to nursing school
  • My music family
  • Great friends (yes, you know who you are)
  • Just being loved and needed by so many great people
Thank you all from the deepest corner of my heart for being a part of my life and for just being you. There will always be that one more thing that we wish we had time to do, or one more something or other that we wish  we could have.  The truth is, most of us really and truly do have all we need.  We have each other, and that's one thing money can never buy. It's the little things in life that matter the most.
Thank you for stopping by.  Have yourself a wonderful week :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

~Just a Glimpse of life Lately~

Hope all is well in your world, wherever you may be.  We are fine here on the farm. The weather is cooling down thankfully.  By the way, I am a huge fan of cool weather and fall colors, so I'm a real happy girl right now.  In other news, a couple of us have new part time jobs and school is back in session for me as well as for the children. This means we are needing to have some sort of routine to our days....that would be helpful anyway....Ahem....maybe I should see what we can do about that.
I'll leave you with a few pics from life lately :))

Abbey's art work
Linville Falls
My new favorite mug!

Abbey's quilt she made in vocational class.  Lots of detail!

Beautiful work Abbey!!!

Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Sunday, August 28, 2016

~ Clouds ~

I may or may not have an obsession with clouds......the pictures should tell the answer! :) I find myself taking lots of pictures of clouds of all kinds and shapes. To me, the sky has been so unusually beautiful this summer.  I thank God for reminding me to take time to notice His beauty in all of the Creation.  Hope you're having a great summer!  We sure are....... although it's drawing to a close real fast :)  I am already back in school for fall, and the children will start the day after Labor Day!  That was the fastest summer I ever remember, but it has been so wonderful!

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