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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

~ November Birthdays! ~

Around here we celebrate 2 birthdays in November.  Jacob, our youngest, has a birthday on Nov. 4th, and our sweet daughter-in-law, April has one on Nov. 6th.  We combined their parties this year complete with Unionville BBQ from our Annual school fundraiser!!! It is held the first Friday in November....how convenient.  I didn't even have to cook :) We are a very small town but our BBQ is huge. It was delicious as always! Jacob just happened to born on BBQ day so he's our BBQ baby :)
It's always such a wonderful feeling to have all the children around the table for supper!!!

God has been showing up in a big way lately!!! Beautiful clouds!

A little traffic waiting for the bbq.
Thank you for taking time to stop by!!!

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