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Saturday, November 2, 2013

~ Hello, November!!! ~

As I turned the calendar page to the month of November, it really hit me that this year is quickly going by....they say time flies when you're having fun....haha... teaching school, carpooling, cooking, washing, sewing and occasionally managing a little cleaning.....the time does seem to fly!!! so I must be having a lot of fun...right?  :)  Seriously,  November is one of my favorite months :))
A few of the reasons are:
  • Our annual BBQ here in Unionville
  • Daylight saving time ends
  • Shorter days and cooler nights
  • Beautiful foliage on the trees:)
  • Cool mornings and warm afternoons
  • Pansies and Mums in bloom
  • Pumpkins everywhere
  • Fresh greens from the garden :)
  • Thanksgiving holiday
  • Our baby boy celebrates his birthday:))
  • An occasional day trip to the mountains :)
  • seems like with it being Thanksgiving season I seem to count my blessings more....makes me realize I have so much to be thankful for every day!!!

What are you enjoying about November?  Thank you for visiting our little space here on the web!

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