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Monday, March 4, 2013

~ These Days ~

I am......
  • just hanging on for this crazy ride called " life"  :)
  • loving the new addition going up on the back of our house.
  • learning that it can be challenging to try to maintain existing space while building an addition :))
  • wondering what we will do with so much new space....haha! 
  • realizing it won't take me long to find out!!!
  • finding out there's really not much need for seat work on the days when the children can watch construction workers....talk about an education :)
  • thankful for job security :)
  • so grateful for my men and boys that are making this happen.
  • hoping I am appreciative enough of all the hard work and long hours that have gone into (and still are being put into) our new construction.
  • reminded of the fact that boys + new hatchets sometimes equal stitches!!!
  • counting down the days till spring.
  • so ready to plant a garden.
  • looking forward to our spring break from school.
  • hoping it will snow before winter is over.....and if not then maybe it will go ahead and warm up and things will dry out a bit :)
  • feeling very blessed !!!
Just excuse my "rambling" here.....sometimes I just need to jot down the things that I am so thankful for just to be able to put into perspective how lucky I really am!!!  Things can get so busy that I forget to count my blessings!!!  I truly cannot put into words how excited I am about having more living space for our family!!!  I believe that everything happens for a reason.....and that some things are just "meant to be"!!!
Thank you for stopping by....hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week :)


  1. It is nice to collect blessing and log them so we can look back. How fun to be adding on. Messy too! But yes you'll have lots of extra space and you'll wonder how you ever got along without it :-)

    Happy March~