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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~ Music ~

If I wasn't real careful I might could lead you to believe we like music around here.....haha!!! Bluegrass /Gospel music actually plays a very big part in making our little world go 'round.  Besides being rather contagious among family and friends.....it just makes you feel good to play / listen to it.  We owe our thanks to all of you who have taught us and inspired us to learn to play a little ( and our support group who doesn't seem to mind listening too much while we practice) ....without you, our journey would be much harder !!! 

"The Band"

evidence that Jacob is practicing :)

a little band practice ???

by Kimberly

by Kimberly

by Kimberly

Mr. Ronnie Hatley and Kimberly

My inspiration :)


  1. This is Selena and I love all the pictures! Never thought I would see Johnny sitting at the piano, but you never know! So glad your little man is practicing :)

    1. Thank you my friend!!! Just goes to show how contagious music really is...haha! Oh, by the way.....just start you a blog and we'll all know who you are when you comment ... just an idea :)

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