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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~Great Horned Owl~

Here on the farm you just never know what kind of adventure we'll find ourselves on.   Late yesterday evening Jeffrey was out walking in the field next to us and spotted an animal of some sort..... kind of flopping around.  He couldn't tell if it was hurt but he knew something wasn't right.  After closer observation through the scope on his rifle he realized it was a bird.  He and Johnny ended up rescuing a baby "Great Horned Owl" that hadn't learned to fly!!!

  Do you know how big a baby owl can be?  I sure didn't.....don't guess I had ever seen one.    He was about a foot tall with a 2-3 ft. wing span! He has the brightest yellow eyes.....almost neon in color and his talons are about an inch long!  It's a beautiful bird and seems to be healthy :)
  We contacted the raptor rehab center ..... hopefully they will pick him up today! Enjoy the pics :)

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