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Monday, April 16, 2012

~Our Weekend~

This past weekend was sad and yet bittersweet as one of my mother's "six" sisters was laid to rest after a very courageous battle with cancer.  She accepted her diagnosis with the best attitude and demonstrated great strength and faith throughout her journey.  Her late husband "Uncle Ben" always called her "Rose" and I wanted to share with you a poem that my mother wrote as a tribute to her.  May you rest in peace "Aunt Enid".

Out of His garden of life
God has picked a Rose.
Dear mother, sister, friend to all
Her beauty ever glows.

You faced the challenges of life
With dignity and grace.
 Your sense of humor, charming wit
Kept us in our place.

We loved your little visits
You always brought us joy.
Your sweet and precious memory
Our mourning hearts employ.

May you rest in peace, sweet Rose
Beyond all earthly care.
Our greatest hope is someday we
Will come and join you there.

Rose, you know we love you.

Your loving sister

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    1. This is a beautiful poem, your mama is very talented!