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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

~ Thank you ~

Today was my birthday....yes, I turned 39 again....haha!  The celebration began last night when Jeffrey and Kimberly came in with a dozen beautiful roses and Jacob handed me a very sweet handmade card.  Then today, I received more beautiful cards (some of them handmade), countless Facebook messages, phone calls and text messages.  Kimberly took care of making lunch and offered to babysit tonight while Johnny and I went out "alone" for supper.   The older boys were here helping out tonight too.  I am one spoiled girl and would like to say "Thank you" to each one of you who helped to make my birthday "Extra special" !!!
My shower of birthday cards :)

My birthday buddy :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Marie! What a beautiful day you've had. Don't you just love homemade cards. So extra special.

    You look wonderful and I hope you had a delightful time out with your husband.